PRISM je možná drsné odhalení špehování ale PROMIS je ještě hustější vyzobrazení schopností celosvětově špehovat a MĚNIT počítačová data

“NSA sold PROMIS through cutouts to banking sector entities to enable real-time electronic surveillance of wire transfers of money and letters of credit, and to foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies to facilitate computer thefts of their intelligence secrets.”

I thought you might be interested in reading the transcript of the PBS Television documentary on the NSA Follow the Money Project in the second half of the 1980s, in which former Reagan White House National Security Council staff boasted with unusual candor about the effectiveness of that NSA SIGINT penetration of the banking sector, including with regard to surveillance of currency manipulation.

The agency had used front companies to sell the new technology to banks and leading financial institutions like the Federal Reserve. Hidden inside the computer was a‘trapdoor’ that enabled intelligence agencies to covertly monitor financial transactions digitally for the first time.

The Reagan NSC also later sought a legal opinion for a major expansion in 1986 of NSA’s Follow the Money bank surveillance project to add approximately 400 major commercial banks that comprise the inter-bank system. There were also published reports about U.S. intelligence’s installation of PROMIS in international financial institutions, including the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and the World Bank in Washington, D.C.…-money-the-nsas-real-time-electronic-surveillance-of-bank-transactions/

From 1982 to 1984, Bailey ran a top-secret program for President Reagan’s National Security Council, called “Follow the Money,” that used NSA signals intelligence to track loans from Western banks to the Soviet Union and its allies. PROMIS, he told me, was “the principal software element” used by the NSA and the Treasury Department then in their electronic surveillance programs tracking financial flows to the Soviet bloc, organized crime and terrorist groups. His admission is the first public acknowledgement by a former U.S. intelligence official that the NSA used the PROMIS software.

Through all this, Inslaw has survived; Ireland installed PROMIS for case management, to track land records and in the bank credit system. Hamilton noted that every credit card transaction is tracked by PROMIS.

The Netherlands uses the program to keep track of all the inmates in their prison system. The city of Rome has PROMIS for use in their tax office. In fact PROMIS is being legally used in several countries around the world.

Illegally? Who knows. The Canadian government once wrote Inslaw asking for an operating manual. Inslaw never sold PROMIS to Canada. A similar event popped up with Lithuania when a member of their parliament asked for help with their PROMIS program. In each case, when told they may have a bootleg version, the reply was, it must be a different PROMIS.

To date, Inslaw has never received a dime for any government recommended settlements, some as high as $50 million.

Hamilton has declined to suggest that PROMIS was the frontrunner to PRISM. He said flatly in the interview for this article that his only information about PRISM is from news accounts.

Regardless of the Inslaw affair, PROMIS is still out there, still tracking whatever its masters require. And still, to this day, no one in government or otherwise has inquired, not about what PROMIS can do, but rather what IS PROMIS doing, for whom and why.

// Neboli software, ktery je nainstalovan prakticky skoro na vsech firemnich, vladnich serverech na svete vcetne bank, tajne sluzby a Severni Korei, Bin Ladina, Saddama Husseina mel byt nainstalovan/prodan system pro spehovani s udajne schopnosti i menit data (bez zaznamu v logu). System ma byt schopen byt pouzitelny na jakykoliv programovaci jazyk a databazovy system s vyuzitim prvku umele inteligence.
Indhira Sigh pracujici pro JP Morgan tvrdi, ze latest inkarnace byl software, na kterem pracovala ona s nazvem Blue Prophet.
Vsechny ty kauzy kolem NSA a PRISM jsou, zda se, jen spickem ledovce sofistikovaneho softwaru, ktery i z tohodle jednoho prispevku pozna moje cislo bot! :D

Jakoze nemuze nekdo najit letadlo z Malajsie? Je dost mozne, ze ten radarovy system bezi na derivatu PROMIS. Ostatne FAA i NORAD meli nainstalovany software od PTech, coz je dle Rupperta (toho ex-FBI detektiva) a jinych derivat (PROMIS II.) .
A dost by to odpovidalo (O softu PTech se taky rikalo, ze ma schopnosti umele inteligence):

The company, Ptech Inc., counts among its clients the F.B.I., the Air Force, the Navy, the Department of Energy and NATO. Law enforcement officials in Washington said the authorities were trying to determine whether it had financial ties to terrorist groups or affiliates and whether it might have been trying to use the software it produces to gain access to classified or confidential government data.

The software uses some aspects of artificial intelligence, and allows users to cull and analyze information in various databases, making changes in organization structure and strategy much easier to adopt.
But federal agencies seemed to disagree about whether the software could be used to infiltrate federal databases. An F.B.I. official described it as “off the shelf,” saying it posed no threat. But the Customs Service and other law enforcement agencies, which have sometimes been at odds with the F.B.I. over terror-financing investigations, believe that the Ptech inquiry “has the potential to be a big deal” in the context of both financing and the software, said the senior law enforcement official who insisted on anonymity.

// Takova kauza asi hazi financni transakce a stavy bankovnich uctu resp. virtualitu penez asi jeste do virtualnejsiho svetla. PROMIS mel taky prvky umele inteligence.
A ta podezrela ochrana PTech ze strany vlady pred vysetrovanim.. pak po te kauze razie FBI v Ptech se prejmenovali na GoAgile a stat jim udeluje zakazky vesele dal.


A vzpominate, jak Rumsfeld rekl, ze zmizelo 2.3 bilionu dolaru z rozpoctu ministerstva obrany? A jak se senatorka McKinney ptala Rumsfelda ci nekoho zodpovedneho, jaky software je nainstalovan na vedeni tehle transakci a kdo je za instalaci softwaru zodpovedny? Dodnes se k tomu asi nevyjadrili a tehdy, kdyz na ne vybafla pri projednavani rozpoctu, tak nejaka pani tam nervozne povidala, ze nemuze rict, co je to za pocitacovy system z hlavy, protoze by se pry nerad spletla.. pry je to “multitude of individuals”. No kdyz se nekde ztrati z evidence 2,3 bilionu, asi by me taky zajimalo, co to maji tam za ucetnictvi.

// na uklidneni prichazi SNOPES/yahoo answers/antihoax squad:

Prý jde o vytržení Rumsfelda z kontextu:

“…The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector, but not ours, not fully, not yet. We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain. Our financial systems are decades old. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it’s stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible.” (Rumsfeld , 10.9.2001,

So in other words, $2.3 trillion didn’t just “go missing” (inferring it was stolen) but rather how it was spent can not be tracked by archaic, obsolete and incompatible Pentagon accounting systems.

nebo vysvětlení těhle přihlouplých konspiračních znepokojení o neschopnosti dohledat 2.3 bilionu dolaru hned další uklidňovač:

This tired old chestnut again?

For the umpteenmillionth time, this is one of the great lies of the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. $2.3 trillion dollars did not just suddenly walk away. If any of you could be bothered to break away from your precious Youtube video’s and actually read SecDef Donal Rumsfeld’s announcement you would know he was talking about archaic and incompatible accounting systems that made it difficult to track transactions between departments. That money did not just up and disappear.

Když ale tahle střízlivá vysvětlení neschopnosti dohledat neškodných 2,3 bilionu dolaru, což je asi já nevím kolik pěnez přesně(*), se dovídáme, že si stěžoval na neschopnost sledovat transakce uvnitř vlastního ministerstva jako takového kvůli nekompatibilitě. Když to ale porovnám s tím dlouhatánským (a já se snažil být stručný a šťavnatou kauzu dost zjednodušoval/krátil) popisem SCHOPNOSŤÍ PROMIS .. nebo tedy údajných schopností, ale když člověk trochu to ověřuje, tak poměrně se snadno dá dohledat, že výše uvedený test o PROMIS je potvrditelný z běžně uznávaných zdrojů jakožto seriozních. Nikoliv nějaká nepodložená tvrzení ale převážně snad pouze přímá tvrzení .. viz zmínka o příznání, že NSA skutečně prodala ukradený PROMIS jiným vládám a bankám, který byl původně jen pro účely evidence obžalovaných u soudu umožňující přehledně evidovat informace o obviněných propojováním databází a analýzou dat pomocí umělé inteligence. Hlavní vlastností toho softwaru je schopnost propojovat nekompatibilní systémy.

Reference k tématu PROMIS:

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