Perspective on 2009 and Beyond

Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2009
By Devin thru Jelaila Starr
Written September 29, 2008


I speak to you today as spokesperson for the Nibiruan Council, a multidimensional off-world council whose members are connected to the planet Nibiru.  We are your ancient ancestors.  The most ancient among us are time travelers/healers from your Lyran ancestral home world.  It is the time healers’ message that I share first.   

The time healers have the distinct advantage of being able to simultaneously view the past and future; not just of your world but of all worlds.  They are able to project along the timelines of a specific planet to see the events most likely to occur.  Please keep in mind that all events are not set in stone.  What they see is the degree of energy surrounding possible events.  Based on the level of planetary consciousness along with behavioral trends they are able to discern the most probable events.  Probable events have a 90% or greater chance of occurring. 

Probable events for 2009 to 2012 

  • Fake First Contact with a US involved ET group
  • US/China war fought on the economic front
  • Nuclear attack in Phoenix area
  • Inundation of Southern California coastline
  • Inundation of Northeast coastline

Keep in mind that you can positively impact the above referenced events so that they either don’t occur, or are mitigated to a great degree.   Let’s explore how.   

We have spoken many times of how souls evolve in this universe.  They evolve by playing a game, if you will, of the highest order.  We refer to it as the Polarity Integration Game.  The goal of the Game is to integrate all aspects of Light and Dark.  Integration occurs when a soul achieves compassion in the midst of a challenging and painful event.  Compassion is the frequency of the Void, the place where all matter; all polarity is neutralized and returned to raw energy.   

Earth plays a special role in the Polarity Integration Game. She is a planet set aside and sequestered in a remote corner of the galaxy. Enveloped in a cloak of amnesia and gifted with free will.  As such, Earth provides the blessed opportunity for all galactic races to work out the conflicts that have occurred as they explored various aspects of Light and Dark through varying culture and beliefs.  This is important to remember because all events on your world are occurring as part of this experiment.

With the migration of souls from other worlds to Earth, their timelines have followed.  The events on your world today are a recreation of all the timeline events of the galactic worlds and those referenced above are a replay of events during the final days of those worlds.  In particular, the timelines of the planet Maldek, now part of your Asteroid Belt, along with those of three destroyed planets from the Sirius B star system are being replayed. Their dead timelines have been woven into Earth’s timeline in order to provide the souls from those worlds the opportunity to continue their evolution.  

Participants from both sides of those ancient conflicts have incarnated with some holding powerful positions in government, banking and industry on your world.  Both sides have recreated their roles and developed long range plans, once again based on what they feel is right.  On one hand you have those who desire to create a one world government, religion and monetary system.  On the other, there are those who wish to create unity but without sacrificing individual rights and freedom.  It’s the most ancient power struggle replayed again and again in the universal game. It may manifest with variations but the outcome has been the same.  This brings me to the most important part of the time healers’ message—making compassionate choices.  

Regardless of what role is played, every human being on Earth is a soul who has incarnated for the purpose of soul growth.  On each soul’s life blueprint (their road map through life that was created by them before they incarnated) there are lessons to be learned.  Each lesson is about a specific fear and the dysfunctional belief that fosters it.  A set of circumstances will occur through which that lesson is played out.  With each lesson there are five options.  I will call them A, B, C, D, and E.  An Option A is one in which compassion is achieved.  An Option A requires the greatest amount of courage and the complete willingness to walk into the fear in order to integrate or dissolve it.  It requires the individual to acknowledge how he/she is co creating the events of the lesson and take responsibility.  If a soul chooses Option A they will obtain the greatest amount of growth and their path will be a little easier.  If, on the other hand, an Option E is chosen, they have run from the fear and will have to recreate the lesson with more challenges.  

The events in your future all have these 5 options for soul growth.  With each probable event you can help minimize or eliminate by making personal compassionate choices.  Keep in mind that what ever the people choose on an individual level is what will be chosen by the government as the government is a reflection of the peoples’ consciousness.   

In closing, the time healers wish you to know that you can change the future.  You have within you the technology for this purpose.  That technology is your emotion of compassion.  Use it in the face of these events.  If you do you will transform those events into simply catalysts to help you create the world you desire.   

In service,
Devin though Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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